Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012

UDK// Relikt - things are getting unreal

You know the feeling that you really want to present your latest work but it isn't done yet?

I have been putting quiet some work in this, my very second UDK Map and start point of further development of my long lasting FPSC Project Relict (now retitled Relikt...because Relict was a typo and...thats a long story. Read it up on the TGC forums if you want to)

Anyway, long story short: Relikt used to be developed in the FPSC engine which proved too weak to carry the core gameplay and the larger more detailed levels of that concept so I finally moved on to something more complex: Unreal Engine.

There isn't much to show yet, and the only gameplay elements that already exists are doors and pop-up HUD's (exciting, isn't it?)

My level is really coming together and you won't see any of that because most spots do still have UDK stock checkered materials on them and the lighting isn't added/finished.

What I can show you is a collection of spots on the map that aren't finished enough to be concidered an alpha version...but at least they already look cool.

So lets start of with something that is done: This little hottie:

Characters in the game will be dynamic with multiple choice dialogue...IF the game will have voiceacting or not will show. 

The fire has a certain glow to it that makes it seem really warm. I just like that effect :)

Lightrays...yaaay! :)

So! I guess the point of this post was sending out a little lifesign of this project. Its back and it will most certainly end up being my most attractive game, I think.

Thanks for checking by!

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