Montag, 30. Januar 2012

UDK// Relikt - January Update²

I recently updated the IndieDB Profile of Relikt and felt the need to perform the same task on my blog.
Well, to be honest, I only planned to upload a few images but I have achieved a certain amount of features lately I don't want you to miss.

You see, I recently spiced up the visuals for Relikt by adding parallax mapping (best known from games such as "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" and future artworks added to the game will have a much higher resolution than those already in. They will be in the same art style, that way I doubt that they will stand out too much from the 512*512 textures I imported from the FPSC settings.


I am currently working (and I have already rather cool results) on a Physics manipulating system so the player is able to pick objects up, throw them, breakable objects etc. This is also why the future updates will be rather bare in terms of screenshots.

Damn! I had to do way too much paperwork this morning, just read how distant and "matter of fact" I type today. :P

So yeah! I finally have a pretty clear idea of what this game will be. Unreal's Drag and Drop Script Editor "Kismet" allows me not only to creat moving and vivid level's but also to implement most simple gameplay elements rather fast.. Especially puzzles like "assembling cogwheels" "find the key" or "push the statue" are really easy to accomplish. Almost as simple as FPSC...and a lot more reliable and robust. I wonder what held me back so long from moving to this engine. Its great fun and widely supported. I have not yet been active in UDK forums myself but I am aiming to.

Now here are a few images. Nothing really new, but I like to send out constant signs of progress:

You haven't spotted the little hole there, okay ;) There will be another room later.

I also noticed that the game increases in popularity which is not only flattering but also quiet astounding to me :)

Allow me to link you, dear reader, to some features this game has already made:

Indie Game Mag

PC Games (German)


the dark side of gaming

Thanks to all the authors and reporters of these magazines/webblogs :)

Thats it for now, stay tuned for more and have a nice week.

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