Montag, 23. Januar 2012

UDK// Relikt - January Update

Hey guys!
I've had a whole lot of sparetime this week which means that I can present a new update. I was toying a litte bit more with UDK's Kismet and I'm getting pretty used to the new working environment. I particullary enjoy the material editor :)
This week I have been mostly busy experimenting with various settings/postprocessing for the setting and again: Creating new media for my game. Its something I will most likely keep doing for the next
few month's. I have started an Alpha Version of a cave entrance. (Cave's and catacombs will be a large part of this game).
I will incorporate a lot of stuff I really liked in other fantasy games in this one aswell so be ready to see a lot of huge statues and surreal vegetation in the caves. Gameplay wise, I have been adjusting some of the characters movement and jumping height. There is also a really rough version of "picking stuff up" already in the game. 
But well, I guess I can interest you guys more in some images:

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