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Old News // Euthanasia, FPSCreator and unexpected consequences

You may have noticed that I try to have a certain pattern in my Blog. So I use labeled titles for you to navigate easier through the posts in this blog. If something is labeled "UDK" for instance, it is usually about the Unreal Development Kit. So, this new label "Old News" handles things I have posted a while ago somewhere else but I would like to have on my blog either because its important to me or because I haven't had much other news to write down.

Posted: 15th Jul 2011 23:48   

Hey people! I just woke up, haven't even had my coffee yet and saw a thread on the german FPSC Board about my older game "Euthanasia".

You might have followed its release and noticed that it had a few thousand downloads all over the world. I didn't see that "fame" coming nor did I really want it...but yeah...apparently due to its title "Euthanasia" which could have been anything else, but this sounded nice, it somehow came involved with actual debates about mercy killing in italy.

Now the mud is really hitting the fan because: The "mediaexpert" (according to his statement, I find this title highly debatable) Klaus Davi had a chat with the doctor and politician Paola Binetti
about the publishing (which never happened because the game is free) of my game "Euthanasia". Well, now you can already guess that as soon as this sort of folks talk about videogames...nothing good comes out. This "Expert" states my harmless little game to be:
" an harassment to all kids and teenagers".
Jaw dropping, isn't it?

The 68 year old conservative politician has been interviewed about the game and found its "Will to violence" and "culture of death" disturbing. (Well, apparently, these fellas are member of a party named "opus dei" which have extreme conservative points of views on everything including "the sims" supporting homosexuality).
I can not tell you what I personally think about these people because it would violate the AUP but isn't it obvious that they are just picking on the game due to the Euthanasia Debate going on in Italy?

The reporter however wrote nicely that the game was the result of months of work by a single person and is indeed just a normal first person shooter. But its now getting ugly:

The undersecretary of state, Carlo Giovanardi, also takes a position “I ask the Left-wing supporters and the anti-prohibitionists at every cost: after the videogame on euthanasia will there be a follow up with a videogame on racism? On anti-semitism?” “These videogames should not be permitted in the hands of children”, explains the undersecretary of the Department of Health, Eugenia Roccella, who believes that “this videogame is a product of a subtle and sneaky marketing operation that tends to advertise a pro-euthanasia culture in a very dangerous manner”. They totally got me...I work for the grim reaper

It also calls for rejection on behalf of Aiart, the Association of Catholic Viewers. “How can we put a videogame like ‘Euthanasia’ that explicitly promotes an illegal practice on the market? Self-regulation is false and undependable” affirms Luca Borgomeo, president of Aiart. “the videogames- he concludes – is no man’s land. It’s not enough just to not sell 'Euthanasia' to minors, we have to open their minds to reason regarding this situation. We cannot allow the culture of death to be promoted through fun”.

It really makes me feel bad to see my simple game being abused to fuel political discussions from people with medieval points of view... how sad

But well...thanks for reading. I hope TGC doesn't get any wierd mails trhough this. I doubt it...nobody even contacted me...

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