Freitag, 6. April 2012

Gallery // Vol 2 -{Vertical Leveldesign in FPSC}

If you know FPSC, you probably know why I think this is worth a blog entry, if not, then you are about to see a bunch of images you may or may not like.

Most FPSC Games are based on an absolutely flat level due to its limitations with the memory cap, the lag larger scenes generate on older computers and the Block based segment tool. Thats all stuff I had to concider designing this. Its not a tower more of an inverted tower as the structure was dug in the ground leading to windows only on the very top.

Its far from being a masterpiece but another rare thing you see in FPSC Games.

This is of course already very old work.

More recent (still old) work in this matter would be my "Shavra-Dead Frequency" which will be remastered in 1.19 sooner or later:

Yeah! I think I'll post some more on Shavra soon, guys ;)


  1. Big fan of FPSC, not had time to look at new update 1.19 but i understand its worth taking the time to re-build your games. Nice screen shots

  2. Thank you!!

    Me neither, but I will give it a go around tomorrow or the day after.