Sonntag, 8. April 2012

FPSC// Catathrenia April Update 1

I've had another full 2 hours this evening for Catathrenia. Well, its save to say that the final game won't blow anyones mind, but it will run solid and deliver some good mood and fun.

I also managed to get a good shader for my Weapons done. However, some firearms will get a different shader later on.

I made some images but I barely got myself around mapdesign. So yes! No big fat imageblocks like in the Shavra-Dead Frequency thread on the TGC Forums. I will get back on Shavra btw. big thanks to Bugsy! He has gotten some gears going in my head that should allow me to get the thing working now in 1.19

There are no more artifacts of the normalmapping or overshaded specular highlights on that book anymore. I spiced up the texture aswell because thats how I roll.

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