Sonntag, 15. April 2012




Some of you might know that I take requests for FPSC Media and Models. A few weeks ago Bugsy requested a larger amount of Cyberpunk Models and some basic props for his huge cityscapes and rooftop levels. We talked about it and decided to work together on a big pack with tons of entities for a cyberpunk city.

If you are wondering what "Cyberpunk" is: Watch the movie Bladerunner.

I do all the models and graphics and Bugsy animates the weapons for this pack.

I can show you some early screenshots of the first couple of textured models. These aren't cyberpunk scenery yet and can be used in any kind of city level.

I'm sorry for the incredibly dull screenshots but as some of you might know: I don't have that much time lately

Simple ATM machines

Overpasses and simple streetlight

AC Systems for rooftops

This thread will be updated on regulary. I know it doesn't look like much for now, but I have some really funky props in the oven that will be shown soon.

Ideas, additional requests and feedback is warmly welcome and desired

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