Samstag, 3. März 2012

UDK// Relikt - March Update

Dear Reader,

I tell you right away before you notice it yourself. There isn't much new to show...again Why?
Well, I've gotten myself a fulltimejob. One of the more... engaging ones where you can never sit down.
I just don't have the force to work on my art at the evening so development goes very slow at the moment.
This however, won't be lasting so there will be more interesting stuff to see in the near future.

What is new? A lot has been scratched! I refined the game a little, grounding myself in reality seeing

what I can do within reasonable time and what would just take me forever and my nerves to the grave.

There will be no parcour. This will most likely disappoint some friends of mine but hey! You can still do basic climbing. The game will also be released in 3 builds/episodes. (yes, I know...gamedevelopers do rarely make it to "episode 3". Lets just try it anyway)

I stretched the story a little. The original script was revolving only around a prison, the monastery and the temple. I will however add some outdoor exploration... for me, to play with the engine and for you to enjoy some nice swamp athmosphere. I do also anticipate to get an episode to last at least one to two hours of gameplay.

While I do still have no new/ relevant media to show, here are some different angles on things that I
have already done. If you don't like it...bite me.

The fireeffects are placeholders.

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