Montag, 19. März 2012

On request: Heckler and Koch MP5

Hey guys, as you may know I recently got a request to model an MP5 in my usual style.
Well, recently would be the wrong term... ages ago.
The truth is that I have to reorganize my hobbyschedule with all the dozens of projects I have always running. Its hard to get used to a 40 hours week but it gets good coin in your pocket so I can't really complain. However, I finished the damn thing and you can buy it for a dollar and a half. Thats right, 1,50 Dollars.

UDK Mesh Editor shot (no smoothing groups)

Fragmotion editor window.


By purchasing this model you get a license for it. The terms are that you can not claim it as your own work but are free to use it in your game/artwork. You are free to modify it, retexture it, remodel it, print an image of it and light it on fire just don't resell it (or a printed image of it). (unless its part of a game of course... come on! you know the drill ;))

My faithful assistant stephanie will now present some UDK Ingame Stills. (Woman modeled and animated by Errant AI)

If you buy the thing you get it in .X, .OBJ, .UGH, .FBX and .UGH Format. Additional exports can be requested via E-Mail. Closer looks on the mesh etc. aswell. I don't bite, feel free to contact me with whatever concern you might have.

You do also get this alternate texture.

So far so good! A nice day to you, dear reader.

1,50 USD

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