Montag, 27. Februar 2012

Gallery // Vol I -{ RELIKT'S FPSC VERSION}

To keep the memory of my hard work with FPSCreator intact and to show you all the roots of my current Unreal Engine Project: Here some screenshots from the old Relikt. (titled Relict).

I find that as far as I was able to go with FPSCreator, I did a pretty good job to overcome its odds with this. Actually, it surprises me in retrospec how far I took this project that started as a little thing to relax and design some medieval levels.

I might give you some more old work sooner or later on here.

Why I bother you with that old junk? :) Well, I don't really get much sparetime anymore so concider it a bit more filler until I get you the next big bad update on this ;)

Thanks for checking this out!

- Adrien

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