Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012

UDK//Relikt - Intermezzo

Whats new?

I have a fulltime job now...and its awful! XD But still, even though I didn't think that I would I still can't resist gamecreation 

So this keeps going.

This week I started to work on level 1 and its gameplay mechanics. It involves breaking out of a prison by picking locks and breaking walls. UDK offers a lot of features to set up destructible environment pretty fast.

A Amnesia inspired physics system was also a lot easier than I thought but I think I already mentioned that.

There are, however, still no enemies. Its a part I might pick up towards a later development state.
I was thinking about applying a body to the maincharacter. Hooking it to the camera like in Dark Messiah or the likes. I'm not so sure about the idea yet as the game will involve some climbing and swimming, a lot of jumping and the result might be a little clumsy.

The guys who made thief³ managed to get great there should be some way for me to get the job done aswell.

I was also thinking about a book system. Books and letters are important in the game, but I know that least of us are really big on reading stuff in I decided to build in a "summary" features that shows the contents of the letter/book summed up by pressing left click.

Visually I have done little, but this cave is nearing its beta version: Screenshots might appear too dark on some systems. The screencapture tool makes them darker, I dont know why:

I will change this temple entrance thing...that yellowish lighting really blows.

There is a pool of swimable water here...if you can see it.

Yeah! these came out way too dark.... that happens >.<

Check by next time for the final version of the courtyard level and whatever else I accomplish within next week.

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