Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2012

FPSC // CATATHRENIA New Story Update

I finally wipped out a new summary for the updated storyline. While I'm aware that some of you may not like the loss of such elements as reality - dream switches and the underlying insanity that comes with it as planned in the original concept. This game will also lag a lot of the logical puzzles to open doors and get machinery to work it had in the original level but therefore it will be a lot more creative. Puzzles will be solved in more interestin ways, locations are more artistic and the overall quality has been greatly approved. However, the dark and desperate tone of the original is lost and removed with a much more pleasant but still dark concept.

The characters are much more defined and there will be a few interesting fellows you meet along your journey into...well...the protagonists subconciousness.

Oh! I almost forgot to actually post the new storyline:

After the funeral of his recently deceased father, a young mechanic ends up being plagued by intense nightmares. Nightmares so vivid, he starts to suffer from severe sleep deprivation, depression, fear attacks and slight reality loss. Visiting numerous psychologists didn't help much. Even less traditional therapy such as wingwave coaching or hypnosis didn't reveal the cause of his troubles. He suffers until contacted by a less conventional psychologist who offers him a possible but dangerous solution. His theory suggests that the vibrant nightmares are a defense mechanism to hide a surpressed memory within his subconciousness under the disturbing images. An experimental machina should allow the protagonist to wander through his dreams in full awareness without waking up. Traveling inside his own mind. However, if he dies within this highly drug influenced trip...he might remain comatose for the rest of his life.

Fight, solve puzzles and survive through abstract dreamscapes to uncover the true source of your nightmares burried within the depths of your subconciousness.

Adapt or perish.

Now, remember, if you are interested in the technical and theoretical aspect of the game, feel free to ask. I won't go into technobabble unrequested and I have no idea what to write about in my next tutorial... some input on that would be desired aswell as comments and criticism

I'm sorry if these images don't load correctly, I had to resign to an alternative imagehoster as mine didn't cooperate this evening. Now I am aware that none of these images show a lot of gameplay. I just don't feel like this aspect is yet polished enough to be shown already. Concidering all the high grade FPSC Projects out there...I have a bit of a name to keep

But I stay true to my wacky amateur flavor my projects have...for instance: I picked up drawing again.

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