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FPSC // P S I S H O C K - Introduction


Alright folks, some of you might have seen this coming so here it is.

I know I promised to come back with a demo and thats what I have been crafting around like a lunatic the last few days since I didged Shavra.

However, I have to completely reinstall my OS, do backups, build in new hardware and not setting my computer on fire if possible. So in case I lose my files, I want to have this here as a monument because I am a bit proud of all the ideas that I worked into this game and I want this thing on here and your opinion.

The demo is actually almost done so it will be here as soon as possible.

I have absolutely no idea how long it will take me to get my computer up and running again. I might be back tomorrow or it might be a vacation from the internet for a week.

So I hope you can all live with another work in progress thread.


Alright, now I know that a lot of you don't read this whole text and most of you check out the screenshots first I just hope that the majority of my fellow developers here read this... so I put in a little.. subconcious eyecatcher. tactical llama genital bomb do I have your attention? No?... dang. Anyway: This is not a shooter. At all.

I'm aware that it looks just like one of my my shooters but it isn't. all. I go all out adventure on this thing. Of course, it has gunplay here and there but most of it isn't. So please don't give me any "oh! another corridor horrorshooter, how unoriginal...baaaah!" because its not, this baby has a really developed storyline and you will discover it INGAME. No Virus, no zombies, no secret bioweapons, no alien-necromorph-thingies.

>>> .70% recycled from Shavra. <<<

I have this story thing in a codesnippet because its mostly prestory and roughly written. And I'm really tired bed is calling me already.

Please read only if you have a very high tolerance level for awfully formated text.

This game is about the ultimately futile attempt to study an alien energie-form on a distant planet. The planet, Venus, has an extremely dense atmosphere, which consists mainly of carbon dioxide and a small amount of nitrogen. The dense athmosphere made it impossible for former reconaissance missions to gather exact information about its surface. 2048, the "VENERA REVIVAL" Mission discovers massive traces of diamonds in one of the larger Valleys on venus surface. Diamonds where extremely rare after the third world war and an important raw material for spacecraft hulls and energy weapons. However, it took earth's scientists another century to build a functioning and sustainable mining and research station on venus connected to a high end spaceport with almost daily rocketlaunches with cargo full of refined diamonds towards Earth and Mars. (Civil populations being established on Earth, Mars and Titan (not included correction facilitys on Hyperion).
After 20 years in operation, the venus station (Named "Cytheria 2" (1 being the failed first attempt in the 21th century)) became the most lucrative outer space installation of mankind, however, suicide rates where alarmingly high and 1 out of 5 employees suffered from sudden bursts of irrational fear and sickness. 1 out of 20 admitted being a victim of a series of nightmares containing suspiciously graphic violence towards fellow crewmembers.

Most outer space research, resource or development facilitys had these problems... Working on a dead planet far away from home for an extended period of time had its side effects widely known as "Dead Planet Sickness" however, the sheer amount of incidents on venus was alarming.
Violence increased in the mining sectors and after a couple of violenct incidents security got tightened making Cytheria 2 the first outer space mining and research facility that has a security force armed with a wide range of autmatic weapons.

As you can imagine, the amount of disturbance on the station had its source.
Scientists discovered signs of a vast but strange intelligence, which can create physical phenomena in a way that science has difficulty explaining.

The game begins with the awakening of the protagonist, Victor Salenko, from cryostasis. Suffering from severe amnesia, a side effect of longtime hypersleep, Salenko wanders the abandoned corridors of the station searching for answers to his identity and the fate of his coworkers.

Secret-research has been ongoing for years, but scientists have been unable to do more than observe the highly complex phenomena that seems to have been present for millennia but grows stronger and feeds on human lifeforce. All the while classifying events and sightings into an elaborate nomenclature without understanding what they actually mean. The discovery of an alien artifact on a new mining site gave new strength to the alien conciousness allowing it to manifest itself and taking over the station. Salenko finds himself weak and helpless on a deserted outer space station, has to face an unknown hostile force and uncovering his very own painful past.

You can keep any grammar mistakes you can find, no porto.

Now some images :


Same point of view...just showing off Errants fantastic Glock with texture mods.

Jupp! Please give me some thoughts on this and I hope to see you people soon. Thanks for your time, hope you haven't given up on my games

take care


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